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Atlantic Land Companies in association with Atlantic Land Management, Inc. and Atlantic Land Realty, Inc. specializes in providing real estate development services for investment properties in Florida including property management, real estate brokerage and ground-up development services.


Atlantic Land typically works with properties that have a difficult regulatory environment and challenged properties that are being under utilized. We strive to convert properties to uses that meet the needs of the community while meeting the demand of the real estate market and maximizing their value of the property and community. Our staff will thoroughly analyze each potential investment property to determine the highest and best use while carefully buying and developing in markets where we have a unique advantage with our expertise.


If you would like to discuss a potential development opportunity or leasing in one of our projects, please contact Joe Lelonek or Jeff Zito. 561-478-0115


Joseph D. Lelonek                                             Jeff Zito
Licensed Real Estate Broker                                 Licensed Real Estate Broker Associate